jeudi 26 décembre 2013


Here I am on this day after Christmas. It was quite a delightful time for us as we shared gifts on the eve of Christmas, followed by a wonderful turkey dinner among my sweet BFF and her family. We had a succulent 5 course including, soup, salad, turkey and the most mushy mashed potatoes in the world. I can still taste the subtle taste of butter and cream yummy. Desert was sorbet, cakes and fruits. 

Okay, I was gone there for a sec. I played SCS  (ways to use it) WT  which was tu use wrapping paper, mine is a little gift bag which was filled with ferrero chocolates, along with the mojo325 sketch. I did use Justin's card as inspiration, hope you don't mind, I just loved how your card came out.  What a fine way to end the year for me.  Hope you enjoy the cards.

Have a safe holiday and remember, if you drink, that's fine, but don't drive, we want to see you again in the year to come.

Funny and nutty, Peggyxo

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