jeudi 3 avril 2014


Susan, you got me out playing today. I finally got Maxie out too. Well I had to resize the image I stamped, just didn't fit my card with my new printer/scanner (new beginning ha!) 

I made the sketch pretty much as is, the color challenge was the right fit for my mood which followed right into the ways to use it challenge and new beginnings; my stepdaughter is having a birthday (new year beginning) and just signed a lease for an appartment the is brand spanking new. Talk about a new beginning. It's so cool. Has all the new settings in the kitchen, integrated airconditioning/dehumidifier/air exhanger. The whole shebang! Anyway we are all thrilled and well, yeah Maxie loves anything new and she will be making sure she can find some place to 'niche' in my stepdaughter's new place.

Glad you gave me the challenge bug today Susan! You are a darling! And thank you all for stopping by today, it's always fun to see you did.

Here is a link to Maxie's gallery on SCS.
NOTE: Someone was asking about the image is it really named Maxie...yes, it is and it was created by Uptown rubber stamps. I could not find their website though.

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